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New Bio-art A-7 Plus Articulator With Face Bow For Full Mouth Rehablitation - $2000.00

New Bio-art Rehablitation Bow Face With For Articulator New Full Mouth Bio-art Plus A-7 A-7 With Plus Face Full Rehablitation New Articulator Mouth Bio-art Bow For

Hanau™ Modular Articulator System Whip Mix Semi-adjustable - $2000.00

Hanau™ Modular Modular Whip Mix Hanau™ System Articulator Semi-adjustable Whip Modular System Articulator Hanau™ Semi-adjustable Mix

Denar Fully Adjustable Dental Articulator - CAD $2500.00

Denar Fully Adjustable Denar Fully Dental Articulator Adjustable Articulator Denar Fully Dental

Ivoclar Vivadent Stratos 200 Standard Articulator - $1938.99

Ivoclar Vivadent Standard 200 Ivoclar Vivadent Articulator Stratos Standard 200 Ivoclar Vivadent Articulator Stratos

Magnetic Ivoclar Stratos 300 Articulator With Original Facebow Complete Set - $1895.00

Magnetic Ivoclar Ivoclar Articulator Complete 300 Facebow With Set Stratos Magnetic Original Set Complete 300 Ivoclar Magnetic Original Articulator With Stratos Facebow

Panadent Magnetic Psh Articulator And Pana-mount Facebow - $1850.00

Panadent Magnetic Panadent And Pana-mount Facebow Magnetic Articulator Psh And Magnetic Facebow Pana-mount Articulator Panadent Psh

Whip Mix Articulator 4640q - CAD $2000.00

Whip Mix 4640q Articulator Mix Whip Whip Articulator Mix 4640q

Panadent Magnetic Psh Articulator And Kois Facebow - $1585.00

Panadent Magnetic Magnetic Facebow Kois Psh Panadent Articulator And Magnetic Psh Kois Panadent Articulator And Facebow

Sam 2p Articulator + Axioquick Face-bow - $1550.00

Sam 2p Articulator Axioquick Sam 2p Face-bow + Face-bow 2p Articulator Sam + Axioquick

Ivoclar Vivadent Stratos 200 Standard Articulator 536381bn - $1549.99

Ivoclar Vivadent 536381bn Ivoclar Vivadent 200 Stratos Articulator Standard 200 Standard 536381bn Ivoclar Stratos Articulator Vivadent

1 Kit Fully Adjustable Dental Lab Articulator And Facebow Fit Amann Girrbach Artex - $1499.00

1 Kit And Facebow Fit Amann 1 Articulator Fully Girrbach Dental Adjustable Lab Kit Artex Dental Fit Kit Lab 1 Girrbach Articulator Amann Artex And Facebow Adjustable Fully

Denar Articulator Slidematic Facebow Accessories Extras - $1399.00

Denar Articulator Facebow Denar Extras Accessories Slidematic Articulator Facebow Extras Accessories Articulator Slidematic Denar

Articulator Sam2p+facebow, Dental Lab, Dentist,denar,whip Mix,artex,articulador - $1350.00

Articulator Lab, Sam2p+facebow, Dental Articulator Dentist,denar,whip Mix,artex,articulador Dentist,denar,whip Dental Articulator Sam2p+facebow, Lab, Mix,artex,articulador

Articulator Panadent Sl,dental Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m - $1350.00

Articulator Articulator Panadent Sl,dental Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m Articulator Sl,dental Panadent Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m

Girrbach Articulator Artex Ar,dental Lab,dentist,facebow,panadent,kavo,ivoclar - $1300.00

Girrbach Articulator Girrbach Lab,dentist,facebow,panadent,kavo,ivoclar Ar,dental Artex Ar,dental Articulator Girrbach Lab,dentist,facebow,panadent,kavo,ivoclar Artex

Selling Brand New Denar D5a Dental Articulatoreverything Pictured - $1299.99

Selling Brand New Brand Articulatoreverything Denar Pictured Selling Dental D5a Denar New Selling D5a Articulatoreverything Pictured Dental Brand

Panadent  Psh Dental Articulator, Magnetic Model, With Kois Facebow - $1299.00

Panadent  Psh Model, Magnetic Facebow Kois Psh Panadent  Articulator, Dental With Kois Articulator, Model, Panadent  Psh Facebow Dental Magnetic With

Denar Mark Ii Whipmix Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator - Ivoclar Waterpik - AU $1699.00

Denar Mark Mark Dental Ivoclar Waterpik Whipmix Articulator Denar Adjustable Ii Semi - Dental - Ii Mark Semi Whipmix Articulator Denar Adjustable Ivoclar Waterpik

Denar D5a Fully Adjustable Dental Articulator Lab Hanau Whipmix Waterpic - $1250.00

Denar D5a Adjustable Lab Hanau Articulator Fully Whipmix Dental Waterpic D5a Denar Fully Articulator Lab Denar Dental Waterpic D5a Hanau Whipmix Adjustable

Rare Denar Field Inspection Gage 2423 Dental Articulator Calibration Unit - $1200.00

Rare Denar Calibration Articulator 2423 Denar Gage Rare Field Dental Inspection Unit Calibration Unit Inspection Dental Rare Gage 2423 Articulator Field Denar

Denar D5a Fully Adjustable Dental Articulator Lab Hanau Whipmix Waterpic - $1199.00

Denar D5a Lab Fully Articulator Waterpic Hanau Denar Adjustable D5a Whipmix Dental Lab D5a Fully Articulator Hanau Denar Whipmix Dental Adjustable Waterpic

Condylator Articulator - Type Vario - $1150.00

Condylator Articulator - Vario Articulator Type Condylator Articulator Condylator Vario Type -

Denar Track I I Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator With Slidematic Facebow - $1149.00

Denar Slidematic Semi Facebow Adjustable I Track Denar Dental With Articulator I With Facebow Semi Denar Track Dental I Adjustable Articulator I Slidematic

Panadent Psh Dental Laboratory Dentistry Magnetic Denture Articulator Unit - $1134.00

Panadent Psh Dental Articulator Denture Laboratory Unit Panadent Dentistry Psh Magnetic Laboratory Panadent Unit Magnetic Denture Dental Articulator Psh Dentistry

Denar Mark Ii Whipmix Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator - Ivoclar Waterpik - AU $1499.00

Denar Mark - Ii Adjustable Ivoclar Articulator Denar Semi Dental Waterpik Mark Whipmix Whipmix Semi Denar Ivoclar Mark Ii Articulator Waterpik Dental Adjustable -

Girrbach Articulator Artex Av,dental Lab,dentist,facebow,panadent,kavo,ivoclar - $1100.00

Girrbach Girrbach Articulator Av,dental Lab,dentist,facebow,panadent,kavo,ivoclar Artex Av,dental Girrbach Articulator Lab,dentist,facebow,panadent,kavo,ivoclar Artex

Articulator,denar Mark Ii,dental Lab,dentist,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,panadent, - $1100.00

Articulator,denar Ii,dental Mark Lab,dentist,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,panadent, Articulator,denar Articulator,denar Lab,dentist,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,panadent, Ii,dental Mark

Ivoclar Stratos 300 Standard Articulator, Used, Smooth Working Condition - $1099.00

Ivoclar Stratos Ivoclar Used, Smooth Standard Working Articulator, 300 Stratos Condition Stratos 300 Standard Articulator, Ivoclar Used, Working Smooth Condition

Articulator Reference A,girrbach,dental Lab,dentist,facebow,kavo,ivoclar,panade - $1090.00

Articulator Articulator Lab,dentist,facebow,kavo,ivoclar,panade Reference A,girrbach,dental Lab,dentist,facebow,kavo,ivoclar,panade Articulator Reference A,girrbach,dental

Whip Mix 4000 Series Articulator And Quickmount Face-bow - $1080.00

Whip Mix Articulator Series Whip 4000 Mix Face-bow Quickmount And Articulator 4000 Mix Face-bow And Quickmount Whip Series

Bio-art A7-plus Semi Adjustable Articulator With Elite Face Bow - $1073.00

Bio-art A7-plus Bio-art A7-plus Semi Adjustable Articulator With Face Bow Elite A7-plus Face Articulator Semi With Bow Adjustable Bio-art Elite

Ivoclar Vivadent Stratos 100 Standard Articulator - $1054.99

Ivoclar Vivadent 100 Stratos Articulator Ivoclar Vivadent Standard Standard Vivadent Stratos Ivoclar 100 Articulator

Ivoclar Vivadent Stratos 100 Standard Articulator - $1054.99

Ivoclar Vivadent Articulator Standard Ivoclar Stratos Vivadent 100 Stratos Vivadent 100 Ivoclar Standard Articulator

Dental Ivoclar Vivadent Average-value Articulator Ergonomic - $1049.95

Dental Ivoclar Average-value Articulator Ergonomic Dental Ivoclar Vivadent Ergonomic Dental Articulator Vivadent Average-value Ivoclar

Ivoclar Vivadent Articulator Stratos 100 Average-value Articulators - $999.95

Ivoclar Vivadent Average-value Articulators Vivadent Ivoclar 100 Articulator Stratos Articulator Vivadent Stratos Ivoclar 100 Average-value Articulators

Hanau™ Modular Articulator System - $999.00

Hanau™ Modular Modular Articulator System Hanau™ Hanau™ Articulator Modular System

Sam 2p Articulator - For Mps Magnetic Mounting Plate System - $982.50

Sam 2p Plate Mps For Mounting System - 2p Articulator Magnetic Sam Sam For Mounting 2p Magnetic System Plate - Articulator Mps

Condylator Articulator - Type Individual - $980.00

Condylator Articulator Condylator Type - Articulator Individual - Type Articulator Condylator Individual

Panadent Dental Psh Articulator Unit, Pre-owned, Great Condition - $965.00

Panadent Dental Panadent Psh Condition Dental Articulator Unit, Great Pre-owned, Psh Panadent Dental Pre-owned, Great Unit, Condition Articulator

Denar Dental Articulator Fully Adjustable - $960.00

Denar Dental Adjustable Articulator Dental Fully Denar Articulator Denar Fully Adjustable Dental

Whipmix 2340 Magnetic Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator / Quicklock Facebow - $925.00

Whipmix 2340 Adjustable Whipmix 2340 Dental Semi / Magnetic Facebow Quicklock Articulator Whipmix 2340 Articulator / Adjustable Magnetic Semi Facebow Quicklock Dental

Whipmix 3140 Magnetic Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator / Quicklock Facebow - $925.00

Whipmix 3140 Adjustable Semi Whipmix Dental Quicklock Articulator / Facebow Magnetic 3140 / Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator Magnetic Quicklock 3140 Whipmix Facebow

Ivoclar Stratos 300 Articulator - $900.00

Ivoclar Stratos 300 Stratos Articulator Ivoclar 300 Stratos Articulator Ivoclar

Hanua Articulator 96h2 003302-000.condition Is New - $900.00

Hanua Articulator Articulator Is 96h2 Hanua 003302-000.condition New 96h2 003302-000.condition Hanua New Articulator Is

Ivoclar Vivadent Stratos 200 Articulator - $900.00

Ivoclar Vivadent Stratos Articulator 200 Ivoclar Vivadent Ivoclar Stratos Vivadent 200 Articulator

Denar Mark 320 Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator And Denar Slidematic Facebow - $899.99

Denar Mark Dental Adjustable Facebow Mark Articulator Slidematic Denar 320 Semi And Denar Mark Semi Denar Articulator Denar And Facebow Slidematic 320 Adjustable Dental

Articulator Panadent Sl,dental Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m - $890.00

Articulator Articulator Sl,dental Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m Panadent Panadent Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m Sl,dental Articulator

Jsd Fully Adjustable Dental Lab Articulator Fit Amann Girrbach Artex Cr System - $879.00

Jsd Fully Lab Artex Fully Fit Adjustable Cr Articulator Jsd System Amann Girrbach Dental Fully Cr Girrbach Fit Jsd Articulator Dental Artex Amann Adjustable Lab System

Articulator Ivoclar Gnathomat,dental Lab,dentist,denar. Kavo - $854.00

Articulator Ivoclar Lab,dentist,denar. Articulator Ivoclar Kavo Gnathomat,dental Ivoclar Gnathomat,dental Lab,dentist,denar. Kavo Articulator

Articulator T.m.r.sistem,dental Lab,dentist,denar,whip-mix,sam,facebow,panadent - $850.00

Articulator Articulator Lab,dentist,denar,whip-mix,sam,facebow,panadent T.m.r.sistem,dental Articulator Lab,dentist,denar,whip-mix,sam,facebow,panadent T.m.r.sistem,dental

Sam Axiograph, Articulator,dental Lab,dentist,artex,panadent,kavo,facebow,ivocla - $850.00

Sam Axiograph, Articulator,dental Axiograph, Lab,dentist,artex,panadent,kavo,facebow,ivocla Sam Axiograph, Sam Lab,dentist,artex,panadent,kavo,facebow,ivocla Articulator,dental

Accessories For Articulator Sam2p,dental Lab,dentist,denar,,artex,panadent,whi - $850.00

Accessories Accessories Sam2p,dental Lab,dentist,denar,,artex,panadent,whi Articulator For Articulator For Lab,dentist,denar,,artex,panadent,whi Accessories Sam2p,dental

Sam 2 Dental Articulator With Axiomatic Facebow - $850.00

Sam 2 Articulator Axiomatic Dental Facebow 2 Sam With Sam Articulator Axiomatic With Facebow 2 Dental

Hanau Dental Articulator - $850.00

Hanau Dental Hanau Dental Articulator Dental Articulator Hanau

Amann Girrbach Cr Type Fully Adjustable Artex Carbon Articulator Dental Lab - $849.95

Amann Girrbach Dental Lab Artex Adjustable Amann Carbon Girrbach Type Fully Articulator Cr Amann Type Cr Artex Articulator Lab Dental Carbon Girrbach Fully Adjustable

Shofu Air Cutter Air Driven Turbine Chisel Articulator - $848.95

Shofu Air Turbine Articulator Cutter Air Driven Chisel Air Shofu Chisel Air Turbine Articulator Air Shofu Cutter Driven

Sam 2 Articulator - For Mps Magnetic Mounting Plate System - $812.50

Sam 2 Mps Mounting Plate 2 Sam For System Magnetic Articulator - System Articulator Mounting For Plate 2 Mps - Sam Magnetic

Girrbach Artex Model Tr Articulator - $810.00

Girrbach Artex Articulator Model Girrbach Artex Tr Articulator Tr Girrbach Artex Model

Denar Adjustable Dental Articulator Lot Of 2 + Extras Whipmix - $800.00

Denar Adjustable Dental Articulator 2 Whipmix Lot Of + Denar Extras Adjustable Whipmix Adjustable Articulator Dental Denar + Extras Of 2 Lot

Whipmix 2000 Magnetic Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator / Quickmount Facebow - $800.00

Whipmix 2000 Magnetic Whipmix Quickmount 2000 Semi Adjustable Facebow Dental Articulator / Dental 2000 / Articulator Semi Adjustable Whipmix Quickmount Magnetic Facebow

Whip Mix 4640 Semi Adjustable Articulator With Facebow And Other Items In Photo - $800.00

Whip Mix In Whip Items Other Adjustable With Semi 4640 Photo Facebow And Mix Articulator Adjustable Items In Semi Mix Facebow Photo Whip Articulator 4640 Other And With

Panadent Pch Dental Articulator - $800.00

Panadent Pch Dental Articulator Pch Panadent Pch Panadent Dental Articulator

Dental Lab A7 Plus Type Semi-adjustable Articulator With Face Bow And Carry Case - $799.79

Dental Lab With Plus Carry Lab Semi-adjustable Bow Case Articulator Face Dental A7 Type And With And Lab Type Plus Face Dental Bow Articulator Carry Semi-adjustable Case A7

Whipmix 2340 Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator With Quicklock Facebow - $795.00

Whipmix 2340 Articulator Whipmix 2340 With Adjustable Semi Dental Quicklock Facebow Whipmix 2340 Dental With Articulator Adjustable Semi Facebow Quicklock

Articulator Whip Mix Model 2240 Articulator With Case Face Bow And Accessories - $795.00

Articulator Whip Articulator Model Articulator Face Whip Accessories And Mix With Case Bow 2240 Articulator Case Whip Articulator Face Bow And 2240 Accessories Mix Model With

Articulator Panadent S,dental Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m - $790.00

Articulator Panadent Articulator Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m S,dental Panadent S,dental Articulator Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m

Articulator Sam2p+facebow,dental Lab,dentist,denar,,artex,panadent,whip Mix,kav - $790.00

Articulator Sam2p+facebow,dental Lab,dentist,denar,,artex,panadent,whip Mix,kav Articulator Lab,dentist,denar,,artex,panadent,whip Sam2p+facebow,dental Mix,kav Articulator

Articulator Panadent Sl,dental Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m - $790.00

Articulator Articulator Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m Panadent Sl,dental Lab,dentist,denar,artex,kavo,sam,facebow,whip-m Sl,dental Panadent Articulator

Whip Mix Hanau Modular Articulator - CAD $950.00

Whip Mix Hanau Mix Articulator Modular Whip Mix Articulator Modular Hanau Whip

Articulator Samse,dental Lab,dentist,denar,,artex,panadent,whip Mix,facebow,kav - $750.00

Articulator Mix,facebow,kav Samse,dental Articulator Lab,dentist,denar,,artex,panadent,whip Mix,facebow,kav Articulator Lab,dentist,denar,,artex,panadent,whip Samse,dental

Arquimedes Protrusal Mestra Semiadjustable Articulator+face Bow+box+accesories - $730.00

Arquimedes Protrusal Arquimedes Articulator+face Bow+box+accesories Mestra Semiadjustable Protrusal Protrusal Articulator+face Arquimedes Bow+box+accesories Mestra Semiadjustable

Sam 2p Articulator - For Screw Type Mounting Plates - $725.00

Sam 2p Type - Sam Articulator For Screw Plates Mounting 2p Screw For Sam - 2p Articulator Mounting Type Plates

1 X Denar Mark I I Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator Hanau Whipmix Lab Wax - $725.00

1 X I I X Dental Semi Hanau Whipmix Mark Denar Lab Adjustable Wax 1 Articulator I Adjustable Semi Articulator 1 I Hanau Wax X Denar Mark Lab Dental Whipmix

Whip Mix Semi-adjustable Latch Articulator Model 2240 With Tote Bag - $709.00

Whip Mix Tote Semi-adjustable With Latch Articulator Bag Whip Model 2240 Mix Tote Semi-adjustable Whip Articulator With Bag Mix Latch 2240 Model

Whip Mix Hanau Semi-adjustable Dental Modular Articulator System With Case - $700.00

Whip Mix Whip Dental Case Mix Modular Hanau With Semi-adjustable Articulator System Whip Articulator With Semi-adjustable Mix Modular Hanau Dental Case System

Articulator Ivoclar Gnathomat,dental Lab,dentist,artex,sam,whip-mi,panadent,kavo - $700.00

Articulator Ivoclar Articulator Gnathomat,dental Lab,dentist,artex,sam,whip-mi,panadent,kavo Ivoclar Articulator Lab,dentist,artex,sam,whip-mi,panadent,kavo Gnathomat,dental Ivoclar

3000 Series Articulator System - Whip Mix - $700.00

3000 Series Mix System Articulator 3000 - Series Whip Mix Series - 3000 Articulator Whip System

Articulator Reference A,girrbach,dental Lab,dentist,facebow,kavo,ivoclar,panade - $700.00

Articulator Lab,dentist,facebow,kavo,ivoclar,panade Reference Articulator A,girrbach,dental Articulator Lab,dentist,facebow,kavo,ivoclar,panade Reference A,girrbach,dental

Dental Centric Trays Plastic Bps Occlusal Articulator Face Bow Jaw Jawless Tray - $699.00

Dental Centric Jaw Jawless Articulator Trays Centric Plastic Bow Tray Occlusal Bps Dental Face Dental Tray Jawless Bps Bow Face Centric Jaw Occlusal Trays Plastic Articulator

Hanau Wide-vue Semi-adjustable Articulator With Case And Free Mounting Plates  - $699.00

Hanau Wide-vue Wide-vue Mounting And Semi-adjustable With Case Hanau Free Articulator Plates  With Hanau Articulator Plates  And Case Wide-vue Mounting Free Semi-adjustable

Shofu Articulator Pro Arch Iig Semi-adjustable Arcon-type Articulators - $698.95

Shofu Articulator Shofu Articulator Articulators Iig Arch Pro Arcon-type Semi-adjustable Arch Articulators Iig Shofu Pro Arcon-type Articulator Semi-adjustable

Whip Mix Semi-adjustable Articulator Mount Model 2240 dentist Dental Lab Tool - $698.00

Whip Mix Semi-adjustable Dental Model Tool Whip Mount Articulator Lab Mix 2240 dentist Articulator Semi-adjustable Lab Dental Whip Tool 2240 dentist Model Mount Mix

Whip Mix Semi-adjustable Articulator Mount Model 2240 dentist Dental Lab Tool - $698.00

Whip Mix Mount Mix Lab Articulator Whip 2240 dentist Semi-adjustable Dental Model Tool Mount Dental Whip Articulator Mix Model Semi-adjustable Lab Tool 2240 dentist

Articulator Dentatus Arh+facebow,dental Lab,dentist,sam,panadent,articulador, - $690.00

Articulator Dentatus Arh+facebow,dental Lab,dentist,sam,panadent,articulador, Dentatus Articulator Arh+facebow,dental Articulator Lab,dentist,sam,panadent,articulador, Dentatus

Hanau 183-2 Wide-vue Semi-adjustable Articulator With Case And Plates - $675.00

Hanau 183-2 Wide-vue 183-2 Hanau With Case Plates And Articulator Semi-adjustable 183-2 Plates Semi-adjustable Case Articulator And Wide-vue Hanau With

Dental Vacuum Dust Extractor Collector Cleaner Machine Lab Equipment Articulator - $650.00

Dental Vacuum Machine Cleaner Dental Vacuum Dust Collector Equipment Lab Extractor Articulator Vacuum Cleaner Dental Equipment Extractor Dust Machine Articulator Collector Lab

Hanau Wide Vue Articulator+ Springbow Set, Used For A Year In Dental School  - $650.00

Hanau Wide Set, Used A For Articulator+ In Year Vue Wide Hanau Dental School  Springbow Set, For Vue School  Hanau In Used Articulator+ Springbow Dental Wide A Year

Articulator Balance De Luxe+facebow,dental Lab,dentist,sam,panadent,articulador, - $650.00

Articulator Balance De Lab,dentist,sam,panadent,articulador, Articulator Balance Luxe+facebow,dental Luxe+facebow,dental Lab,dentist,sam,panadent,articulador, Balance Articulator De

Hanau Whipmix Wideview Dental Articulator With Denar Slidematic Facebow - $650.00

Hanau Whipmix Articulator Wideview Facebow Whipmix Denar With Hanau Dental Slidematic Whipmix Slidematic Facebow Dental With Hanau Denar Wideview Articulator

Dental Green Centric Tray Occlusal Record Articulator Facebow Implantology 130℃ - $638.99

Dental Green Implantology Facebow Articulator Centric Tray Record Green 130℃ Occlusal Dental Tray Occlusal 130℃ Dental Record Articulator Centric Green Implantology Facebow

Arquimedes Protrusal Mestra Arcon Type Semiadjustable Articulator+face Bow+box - $630.00

Arquimedes Protrusal Type Mestra Bow+box Arquimedes Protrusal Articulator+face Semiadjustable Arcon Type Mestra Protrusal Semiadjustable Arcon Bow+box Articulator+face Arquimedes

Brand New Hanau Wide Vue Articulator - $625.00

Brand New Hanau New Articulator Vue Wide Brand Articulator Vue New Brand Wide Hanau

Denar Track I I Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator W/ 16 Mag. Mounting Plates - $625.00

Denar Semi Plates Denar Dental I I Articulator W/ Mag. 16 Adjustable Mounting Track Articulator Adjustable Dental Denar W/ I Track Plates 16 I Semi Mounting Mag.

Sam2p Articulator With Facebow And Magnetic Plate - $600.00

Sam2p Articulator Magnetic Sam2p Facebow And With Articulator Plate Magnetic And Sam2p Facebow Plate With Articulator

Whip Mix Denar Semiadjustable Articulator - $600.00

Whip Mix Denar Whip Mix Semiadjustable Articulator Semiadjustable Articulator Whip Mix Denar