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Jade Carving

Looking for Massey Ferguson available on sale? Are you trying to find Jade Carving or related items? Our website provides access to a wide variety of Jade Carving, as well as listings such as Farm Machine, Garden Tractor, Tractor Plow, Antique John Deere, and lots extra. Shop our vast selection, or try searching for a more particular Massey Ferguson using the site search. We have access to hundreds of thousands of listings from online sellers, so we may have what you're trying to find! Get Jade Carving here!

Jade Carving

13.6 Old China Nephrite Hetian Jade Carving Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Statue - $2866.50

13.6 Old Jade Nephrite Statue Buddha Shakyamuni Carving 13.6 China Old Hetian Amitabha Old China Buddha Jade Hetian Nephrite Shakyamuni Carving Statue Amitabha 13.6

8 Old Chinese Nephrite Hetian Jade Carving Dragon Phoenix Drinking Cup - $2866.50

8 Old Carving Dragon Old Jade Cup Phoenix Drinking Hetian Nephrite Chinese 8 Dragon Nephrite Cup Drinking Old Hetian Carving 8 Phoenix Chinese Jade

Chinese Natural Stone Jade Carving Feng Shui Flower Tree Animal Bird Vase Statue - $2850.00

Chinese Natural Feng Flower Tree Statue Carving Animal Bird Vase Jade Chinese Shui Natural Stone Flower Tree Statue Shui Carving Animal Jade Feng Bird Vase Chinese Natural Stone

China 100 Dongbei Xiuyu Jade Carving Feng Shui 12 Zodiac Year Sheep Goat Statue - $2850.00

China 100 Carving Xiuyu 12 Year Dongbei Feng China Goat Jade Shui 100 Statue Zodiac Sheep Statue Jade China Goat Year Sheep Feng 100 Shui 12 Dongbei Carving Xiuyu Zodiac

China Natural Xiu Yu Jade Stone Carving Subshrubby Peony Flower Butterfly Statue - $2850.00

China Natural Stone Flower Carving Natural Statue Yu Peony Jade Butterfly Subshrubby China Xiu China Flower Subshrubby Stone Peony Statue Xiu Yu Jade Natural Butterfly Carving

18 Chinese Natural Xiu Jade Hand Carving Pavilion Bridge Scenery Shanzi Statue - $2850.00

18 Chinese Natural Chinese Jade Shanzi Pavilion Xiu Scenery Bridge Hand Carving Statue 18 Jade Hand Chinese Shanzi Statue Xiu Scenery Carving Pavilion Natural 18 Bridge

Chinese Afghanistan Jade Carving Sit Lotus Kwan-yin Guan Yin Goddess Vase Statue - $2850.00

Chinese Afghanistan Chinese Kwan-yin Goddess Statue Carving Vase Yin Guan Lotus Afghanistan Jade Sit Afghanistan Yin Goddess Statue Sit Carving Lotus Chinese Kwan-yin Guan Jade Vase

China Jade Stone Carving Happy Laugh Maitreya Buddha Five Tong Zi Boy Bag Statue - $2850.00

China Jade Bag Buddha Carving Stone Laugh Zi Maitreya Five Tong Jade Statue Happy China Boy Zi Boy Jade Five Happy Maitreya China Tong Buddha Statue Carving Laugh Stone Bag

19 Unique Natural Yellow Jade Carving Ox Oxen Cow Cattle Bull Niu Animal Statue - $2850.00

19 Unique Unique Yellow 19 Cattle Cow Ox Carving Oxen Animal Niu Bull Jade Natural Statue 19 Bull Animal Natural Jade Statue Unique Ox Cattle Carving Niu Cow Yellow Oxen

31 Natural Jade Carving Station Guangong Guan Gong Yu Warrior God Weapon Statue - $2850.00

31 Natural Guangong Weapon God Statue Warrior Carving Gong Guan Jade Natural 31 Station Yu Guangong Weapon Yu 31 Warrior Gong Jade God Carving Guan Natural Statue Station

7.4“ Old China Hetian Jade Carving Dynasty Feng Shui Camel People Statue Pair - $2822.00

7.4“ Old Shui Dynasty Old Jade Hetian Camel Pair People Feng Statue China 7.4“ Carving Dynasty Hetian Shui Old Statue Camel China Jade 7.4“ People Pair Feng Carving

17.2 Exquisite China 100 Xiu Jade Carving Swan Cygnus Lotus Flower Leaf Statue - $2820.00

17.2 Exquisite Cygnus Exquisite Carving China Swan Statue Flower Xiu 100 Leaf Jade Lotus 17.2 100 Leaf 17.2 Carving Statue Swan Cygnus Flower Lotus China Xiu Jade Exquisite

9.8 Chinese Natural Green Dushan Jade Carving Mountain Tree House Shanzi Statue - $2816.00

9.8 Chinese Mountain Carving Natural House 9.8 Tree Dushan Green Shanzi Chinese Statue Jade Carving Dushan Statue Mountain Tree 9.8 Natural Shanzi Green Jade House Chinese

Old China Hetian Ziliao Jade Carving Subshrubby Peony Flower Rooster Cock Statue - $2800.00

Old China Statue Carving Subshrubby Ziliao Hetian Peony Jade China Flower Old Rooster Cock Peony Ziliao Jade Old Rooster Hetian Flower Cock Statue Subshrubby China Carving

China Natural Stone Jade Carving Dragon Robe Guan Gong Guan Yu Guan Er Ye Statue - $2800.00

China Natural Yu Jade China Guan Gong Natural Guan Ye Statue Robe Stone Er Guan Carving Dragon Er Guan Dragon Guan Stone Guan China Natural Carving Statue Jade Ye Robe Gong Yu

Chinese Stone Jade Carving The God Of Longevity Shou Xing Shou Star Peach Statue - $2800.00

Chinese Stone Star Shou Of Chinese God Stone Statue Shou Peach Longevity Xing Carving The Jade Longevity Jade Star Shou Carving Xing Peach Chinese Stone Shou Statue The God Of

China 100 Natural Stone Jade Hand-carving Fengshui Flower Tree Bird Vase Statue - $2800.00

China 100 Jade China Flower Fengshui Tree Bird Natural Vase Statue Stone Hand-carving 100 China Natural Vase Statue 100 Fengshui Tree Hand-carving Flower Jade Bird Stone

China 100 Stone Jade Carving Mammon Money Wealth God Yuan Bao Ruyi Coins Statue - $2800.00

China 100 Coins Money Jade Ruyi 100 Wealth Carving Mammon China Statue Bao God Stone Yuan Ruyi God Statue Stone Money 100 China Yuan Bao Wealth Coins Mammon Carving Jade

Chinese Natural Stone Jade Carving Grape Flower Tree Pomegranate Ornament Statue - $2800.00

Chinese Natural Jade Statue Natural Flower Grape Carving Stone Ornament Tree Chinese Pomegranate Ornament Chinese Flower Natural Statue Stone Carving Pomegranate Grape Jade Tree

China 100 Natural Xiu Yu Jade Stone Hand-carving Flower Animal Bird Vase Statue - $2800.00

China 100 Stone Animal China Yu Hand-carving Natural Flower Bird Xiu Statue Jade Vase 100 Vase China Stone Hand-carving Animal Bird Jade Xiu 100 Flower Natural Statue Yu

China 100 A Class Jadeite Emerald Jade Carving Dragon Loong Peanut Tree Statue - $2800.00

China 100 China Class Peanut Jadeite Statue Emerald Loong Carving Jade 100 A Tree Dragon China Peanut 100 Loong Emerald A Carving Dragon Jadeite Jade Class Tree Statue

24 China Old Jade Carving Seat Dragon Guangong Guan Gong Yu Warrior God Statue - $2800.00

24 Guangong Warrior Yu Statue 24 Carving Dragon Jade Seat God Old China Guan Gong Dragon 24 Carving Old Statue God Yu Jade Guan Seat Guangong Warrior China Gong

13 Rare Natural Yellow Jade Carving Dragon Pixiu Beast Brave Troops Statue Pair - $2800.00

13 Rare Rare Troops Natural Pair Statue Brave 13 Yellow Dragon Carving Pixiu Beast Jade Carving Jade Pixiu Dragon Yellow Beast Rare Pair 13 Natural Statue Troops Brave

5 Rare Old Chinese Natural Nephrite Hetian Jade Carving Pixiu Beast Seal Set - $2800.00

5 Rare Rare Old Chinese 5 Jade Beast Seal Carving Pixiu Hetian Set Natural Nephrite Hetian Rare Natural Set 5 Old Carving Chinese Pixiu Beast Seal Nephrite Jade

23 Chinese Qingtian Jade Handwork Carving Aquatic Plant Lotus Flower Sculpture - $2800.00

23 Chinese Lotus Carving Flower Sculpture Qingtian Jade Handwork Chinese Plant Aquatic 23 Sculpture Lotus Chinese Flower Handwork Aquatic Qingtian Jade Carving Plant 23

12chinese Natural White Jade Carving Pixiu Fengshui Wealth Wing Beast Statue - $2800.00

12chinese Natural Fengshui Natural Carving Statue Pixiu White Wealth Wing 12chinese Beast Jade Statue Beast White Natural Jade 12chinese Wing Pixiu Wealth Fengshui Carving

15 Chinese Qingtian Jade Handwork Carving Lotue Flower Bird Butterfly Sculpture - $2800.00

15 Chinese Handwork Bird Carving Flower Chinese Jade 15 Butterfly Lotue Qingtian Sculpture Carving 15 Butterfly Chinese Flower Handwork Jade Qingtian Lotue Bird Sculpture

14 China Yellow Jade Hand Carving Five Dragon Loong Dragons Bead Animal Statue - $2800.00

14 China Yellow Dragon Statue Five China 14 Loong Jade Dragons Animal Hand Bead Carving China Dragon Dragons Statue Loong Hand Animal Bead 14 Jade Five Carving Yellow

19 China Yellow Jade Carving Yuanbao Ruyi Happy Laugh Maitreya Buddha Statue - $2800.00

19 Jade Carving Ruyi Yellow Yuanbao Buddha Laugh Maitreya 19 Happy China Statue Buddha Statue Happy Maitreya Jade Yuanbao China Ruyi Carving Yellow Laugh 19

26 Natural Yellow Jade Carving Flower Bet Corn Maize Grape Gourd Fruit Statue - $2800.00

26 Natural 26 Yellow Maize Jade Gourd Corn Natural Statue Flower Bet Carving Grape Fruit Yellow Gourd Maize Carving Jade Flower Bet 26 Corn Fruit Natural Statue Grape

China Natural Jade Stone Carving Fengshui Wealth Chinese Cabbage Ornament Statue - $2800.00

China Natural Wealth Natural Carving Chinese Fengshui Statue Ornament Cabbage China Jade Stone Jade Carving Cabbage Natural Fengshui Stone China Statue Wealth Chinese Ornament

China 100 A Class Jadeite Emerald Jade Carving Dragon Ruyi Yuan Bao Coin Statue - $2800.00

China 100 Statue Jade Emerald Bao A Ruyi China Jadeite Dragon Class Yuan Carving 100 Coin Bao Ruyi Yuan A 100 Jade Statue Carving Class Emerald Dragon China Jadeite Coin

China Natural A Class Jadeite Emerald Jade Carving Wealth Old Flower Tree Statue - $2800.00

China Natural Carving Natural China Jade Tree A Class Statue Flower Emerald Old Jadeite Wealth A Old Wealth Emerald Flower Carving Jade Statue Class Natural Tree Jadeite China

Chinese 100 Lantian Jade Stone Carving Chinese Cabbage Fengshui Ornament Statue - $2800.00

Chinese 100 Jade Statue Fengshui Stone Chinese 100 Lantian Carving Ornament Chinese Cabbage Lantian Jade Stone Cabbage Carving 100 Chinese Ornament Statue Fengshui Chinese

Chinese 100 Lantian Jade Stone Carving Chinese Cabbage Fengshui Ornament Statue - $2800.00

Chinese 100 Ornament Statue Carving Jade Fengshui Lantian Chinese Cabbage Chinese 100 Stone Carving 100 Lantian Jade Cabbage Stone Chinese Ornament Statue Fengshui Chinese

Chinese Natural Dushan Jade Stone Hand-carving Plum Blossom Flower Tree Statue - $2800.00

Chinese Blossom Jade Statue Plum Chinese Tree Natural Hand-carving Dushan Stone Flower Natural Plum Tree Chinese Flower Dushan Jade Stone Hand-carving Statue Blossom

China 100 Dushan Jade Stone Carving Subshrubby Peony Flower Bird Phoenix Statue - $2800.00

China 100 Bird Carving Peony Statue Flower Dushan 100 Phoenix Subshrubby China Jade Stone Statue Dushan China 100 Phoenix Stone Jade Bird Flower Peony Subshrubby Carving

Collect China Du Shan Jade Stone Carving Pine Mountain Pagoda Damo Buddha Statue - $2800.00

Collect China Collect Du Statue Pine Shan Jade Mountain Pagoda Buddha Stone China Carving Damo Carving Stone Shan Mountain Damo Pagoda Du Statue Collect Jade China Pine Buddha

Chinese Natural Du Shan Jade Stone Carving Lotus Flower Animal Bird Peach Statue - $2800.00

Chinese Natural Lotus Jade Carving Animal Shan Statue Peach Bird Natural Chinese Flower Stone Du Stone Chinese Flower Statue Animal Jade Shan Carving Du Natural Bird Peach Lotus

Collect Ancient Chinese Dushan Jade Stone Carving 5 Rooster Cock Mountain Statue - $2800.00

Collect Ancient Jade Statue Stone Carving Chinese Rooster Cock Mountain Collect Ancient Dushan 5 5 Mountain Cock Chinese Jade Carving Stone Statue Dushan Collect Rooster Ancient

22 China Natural Xiu Green Jade Carving Plum Blossom Flower Birds Teapot Statue - $2800.00

22 China Flower Green Blossom Natural Teapot Carving Xiu 22 Statue China Plum Jade Birds Xiu Birds Natural Green 22 Plum Flower Jade Blossom Teapot Statue China Carving

22 Natural Xiu Green Jade Carving Plum Blossom Flower Birds Branch Art Statue - $2800.00

22 Natural Art Birds Carving Blossom Xiu Statue Green Jade Flower Plum 22 Natural Branch Plum Jade Carving 22 Flower Xiu Blossom Natural Green Branch Statue Art Birds

Chinese Natural Du Shan Jade Stone Carving Fengshui Lotus Flower Ornament Statue - $2800.00

Chinese Natural Shan Ornament Fengshui Lotus Chinese Jade Statue Stone Natural Carving Du Flower Carving Statue Chinese Ornament Shan Lotus Du Fengshui Jade Stone Natural Flower

Collect Chinese 100 Natural Du Shan Jade Stone Carving Bird Phoenix Tree Statue - $2800.00

Collect Chinese Bird Shan Du Tree Stone Statue Chinese Phoenix Natural Carving 100 Collect Jade Jade Tree Statue 100 Carving Natural Chinese Stone Shan Phoenix Collect Bird Du

Chinese Natural Dushan Stone Jade Carving Red-crowned Crane Herd Art Sculpture - $2800.00

Chinese Natural Dushan Art Chinese Natural Herd Sculpture Stone Red-crowned Crane Carving Jade Sculpture Natural Dushan Red-crowned Chinese Herd Stone Crane Art Jade Carving

Chinese Lantian Jade Stone Carving Fengshui 12 Zodiac Year Bull Oxen Statue Pair - $2800.00

Chinese Lantian Jade Lantian Oxen Carving Bull Statue Stone Year Zodiac Fengshui Chinese 12 Pair Statue Fengshui 12 Chinese Carving Oxen Year Zodiac Bull Lantian Pair Jade Stone

Chinese Natural Dushan Jade Stone Carving Animal Lizard Lacertilian Beast Statue - $2800.00

Chinese Natural Dushan Lacertilian Carving Chinese Statue Animal Stone Jade Natural Beast Lizard Chinese Statue Natural Beast Dushan Jade Stone Animal Carving Lizard Lacertilian

Chinese Carved White Jade Small Dragon Pendant Carving - $2800.00

Chinese Carved Dragon Small White Carving Pendant Jade Carved Chinese Dragon Chinese Carving Carved White Pendant Small Jade

4.8 China 100 Class Jadeite Emerald Jade Carving Free Kwan-yin Guna Yin Statue - $2800.00

4.8 China Jadeite Statue Carving China 4.8 Kwan-yin Emerald 100 Jade Class Guna Yin Free Carving 100 China Statue Emerald Jade Kwan-yin Yin Jadeite Class Free Guna 4.8

7 Old China Hetian Jade Dynasty Palace Carving Sheep Beast Candlestick Pair - $2800.00

7 Old China Jade Old Dynasty Hetian Palace Pair Candlestick 7 Beast Carving Sheep Jade Beast Sheep China Pair Carving Hetian 7 Candlestick Palace Old Dynasty

8 100 A Class Jadeite Emerald Jade Carving Kwan-yin Guan Yin Ru Yi God Statue - $2800.00

8 100 Yi Carving Emerald Guan Yin 100 A 8 Statue Kwan-yin Jadeite God Jade Ru Class Yin Jade 100 Carving Ru Emerald Kwan-yin God Yi Statue 8 Guan Class Jadeite A

6 100 A Class Jadeite Emerald Jade Carving Happy Laugh Maitreya Buddha Statue - $2800.00

6 100 Carving 100 Maitreya Happy Statue 6 Jadeite Laugh Class Jade Emerald A Buddha Buddha Statue Class Laugh 6 100 Happy Carving Jadeite Maitreya Emerald A Jade

11 Rare Natural Hetian Old Jade Carving Belle Beauty Play Musical Pipa Qin Lute - $2800.00

11 Rare Jade Lute Qin Pipa Natural Rare Beauty Play Hetian Musical Belle 11 Old Carving Belle Beauty Rare Lute 11 Old Musical Jade Qin Play Carving Pipa Natural Hetian

13 Natural White Jade Carving Fengshui Dragon Phoenix Animal Bottle Statue Pair - $2800.00

13 Natural Animal White Dragon Phoenix Natural Jade Pair Bottle Fengshui 13 Carving Statue Jade Dragon Natural Statue Pair White Fengshui 13 Animal Phoenix Bottle Carving

7 Natural Green Dushan Jade Carving Fengshui Dragon Phoenix Seal Signet Pair - $2800.00

7 Natural Green Dushan 7 Fengshui Jade Dragon Signet Seal Natural Phoenix Pair Carving Natural Fengshui Carving 7 Dragon Signet Dushan Jade Seal Green Pair Phoenix

7 Natural Green Dushan Jade Carving Fengshui 9 Dragon Play Beads Seal Signet - $2800.00

7 Natural Dragon Natural Beads Seal Fengshui Play Signet 7 Green Carving 9 Jade Dushan Jade Beads Fengshui 7 Carving Signet Play Dragon Dushan Natural Seal Green 9

China Natural Stone Jade Carving Dragon Robe Guan Gong Guan Yu Guan Er Ye Statue - $2800.00

China Natural Stone Natural Er Gong Guan Ye Robe Yu Guan Statue China Guan Carving Dragon Jade Dragon Jade Er Gong Robe Ye Guan Guan China Yu Carving Stone Guan Statue Natural

14chinese Natural Emerald Jade Jadeite Carving Lotus Peach Flower Basket Statue - $2800.00

14chinese Natural Carving Lotus Statue Jade 14chinese Emerald Natural Flower Jadeite Basket Peach Emerald Peach 14chinese Natural Jade Basket Flower Statue Carving Jadeite Lotus

21.6 China Natural Xiu Jade Carving Plum Blossom Flower Birds Branch Art Statue - $2800.00

21.6 China Blossom Natural Art Birds Flower Plum China 21.6 Statue Carving Xiu Jade Branch 21.6 Jade Carving Plum Xiu Flower China Statue Birds Blossom Branch Art Natural

China Du Shan Jade Stone Carving The God Of Longevity Shou Xing Shou Star Statue - $2800.00

China Du Stone Shan Du Star The Jade Carving Of Xing Shou China God Shou Statue Longevity Carving Shou The Du Longevity God Of Star Shou Stone China Jade Shan Statue Xing

China 100 Natural Hetian Qinghai Jade Carving Ruyi Kwan-yin Boy Mountain Statue - $2800.00

China 100 Statue Natural 100 Carving Jade Ruyi Hetian Kwan-yin Boy Mountain China Qinghai Ruyi Mountain China Hetian 100 Qinghai Kwan-yin Carving Boy Statue Jade Natural

Chinese 100 Natural Stone Jade Carving Feng Shui Flower Tree Animal Bird Statue - $2800.00

Chinese 100 Carving Shui Animal Feng Bird Statue Tree Flower Stone Natural Jade 100 Chinese Natural Carving Jade Tree Animal Flower 100 Bird Chinese Feng Statue Shui Stone

Chinese 100 Natural Dushan Jade Hand-carving Pine Mountain Bridge People Statue - $2800.00

Chinese 100 Bridge Dushan Pine 100 People Statue Hand-carving Chinese Natural Mountain Jade Natural Bridge 100 Chinese Hand-carving Dushan Pine Jade Mountain Statue People

Chinese 100 Natural Dushan Jade Carving Fengshui Grape Ganoderma Lucidum Statue - $2800.00

Chinese 100 Dushan Statue Natural Fengshui Jade 100 Lucidum Grape Carving Chinese Ganoderma Grape Ganoderma Jade Fengshui Lucidum 100 Dushan Statue Natural Chinese Carving

Chinese Antique Hetian Jade Carving Of Ruyi - $2800.00

Chinese Antique Antique Ruyi Jade Carving Hetian Of Chinese Hetian Of Antique Carving Ruyi Jade Chinese

Chinese Natural Stone Jade Carving Feng Shui Flower Tree Animal Bird Vase Statue - $2800.00

Chinese Natural Flower Carving Feng Bird Jade Animal Natural Stone Chinese Statue Tree Vase Shui Bird Natural Flower Animal Shui Feng Carving Stone Vase Jade Chinese Statue Tree

18 Taiwan Seven Colored Jade Pure Hand Carving Flower Bottle Vase Pot Jug Pair - $2799.00

18 Taiwan Vase Hand Taiwan Carving Pot Pure Jug Seven Pair Flower Colored Bottle 18 Jade Hand Jade Flower Taiwan Pure Jug 18 Pot Bottle Pair Carving Colored Vase Seven

Distinctive Taiwan Seven Colored Jade Pure Hand Carving Bottle Vase Pot Pair - $2799.00

Distinctive Taiwan Jade Pot Pure Colored Distinctive Pair Seven Taiwan Hand Bottle Vase Carving Pure Colored Pot Taiwan Hand Carving Pair Bottle Jade Distinctive Vase Seven

Exquisite Taiwan Seven Colored Jade Pure Hand Carving Vase Bottle Pot Jug Pair - $2799.00

Exquisite Taiwan Jade Pair Vase Colored Seven Pot Exquisite Pure Bottle Jug Carving Taiwan Hand Pot Bottle Hand Carving Colored Vase Jade Seven Pure Jug Pair Taiwan Exquisite

20 Large Natural White Jade Hand Carving Fengshui Baicai Cabbage Wealth Statue - $2799.00

20 Natural Baicai 20 Statue Large Carving Hand Cabbage Wealth Fengshui White Jade 20 Baicai Cabbage White Carving Wealth Jade Hand Large Natural Fengshui Statue

20 Natural Green Jade Carving Fengshui Dragon Kylin Pi Xiu Brave Troops Pair - $2799.00

20 Natural Dragon Kylin Brave Carving Fengshui Jade Green 20 Pi Troops Natural Xiu Pair Carving Green Kylin Pi Jade Troops Pair Xiu Brave 20 Fengshui Natural Dragon

Chinese Old Stone Jade Carving Buddhism Beast Dragon Pot Censer Incense Burner A - $2786.00

Chinese Old Dragon Pot Beast Incense Censer A Old Stone Carving Jade Buddhism Burner Chinese Chinese Old Censer Stone Dragon Jade A Burner Incense Buddhism Carving Beast Pot

Chinese Xinjiang Hetain Jade Carving Fisherman Fisher Peterman Sea Humter Statue - $2780.00

Chinese Xinjiang Peterman Carving Chinese Sea Statue Fisherman Humter Fisher Jade Hetain Xinjiang Jade Carving Peterman Chinese Fisher Fisherman Sea Xinjiang Hetain Statue Humter

Genuine Natural Green Variegated Jade Carving Freeform Grapes Sculpture G068 - $2780.00

Genuine Natural Carving Genuine G068 Green Jade Variegated Natural Freeform Sculpture Grapes Grapes Natural Sculpture Green Freeform Jade Genuine Carving G068 Variegated

Lot Antique Chinese Carving Natural Jade Qing Dynasty - $2775.00

Lot Antique Dynasty Jade Antique Qing Chinese Lot Natural Carving Natural Carving Chinese Qing Jade Lot Dynasty Antique

China Natural Xiuyu Jade Carving Dragon Loong Beast Plate Dish Fruit Tray Statue - $2759.00

China Natural Statue Beast Jade Fruit Dragon Natural Plate Loong China Dish Xiuyu Tray Carving China Loong Xiuyu Plate Dragon Dish Statue Beast Tray Jade Natural Fruit Carving

China Xinjiang Hetain Jade Carving Lion Head Ancient Works Incense Burner Censer - $2750.00

China Xinjiang Jade Head Carving Hetain Ancient Works Xinjiang Censer Incense Burner China Lion Censer Carving Burner Lion China Xinjiang Ancient Jade Incense Head Hetain Works

China 100 Natural Xiu Yu Jade Stone Carving Grape Corn Peach Buddha Head Statue - $2750.00

China 100 Yu 100 Statue Stone Xiu Corn Head China Grape Natural Buddha Peach Jade Carving Peach Jade 100 Carving Head Natural Yu China Grape Buddha Xiu Statue Corn Stone

13.2 Chinese Natural Dushan Jade Carving Fengshui Plum Blossom Flower Statue - $2750.00

13.2 Chinese Plum Statue Blossom Natural Chinese Fengshui Flower 13.2 Jade Carving Dushan Statue Natural Chinese Plum Dushan 13.2 Flower Blossom Jade Fengshui Carving

9.2 Natural Emerald Ice Jadeite Jade Carving Maitreya Buddha Peach Luck Statue - $2749.50

9.2 Natural Peach Emerald Luck Jade Ice Statue Natural Maitreya Jadeite 9.2 Buddha Carving Jadeite Maitreya Emerald Jade Buddha Natural Statue Carving Luck 9.2 Ice Peach

23 Old China 100 Natural Afghan Jade Carving Feng Shui Tree Animal Bird Statue - $2720.00

23 Old Carving Jade 23 Animal 100 Old Afghan Tree Bird Feng China Natural Statue Shui Old Natural Jade China 100 Shui Animal Tree Carving Bird Afghan Feng 23 Statue

20 Chinese 100 Natural Afghan Jade Stone Carving Bamboo Rabbit Mountain Statue - $2720.00

20 Chinese Statue Chinese 20 Stone Natural Bamboo Carving Rabbit 100 Afghan Mountain Jade 100 Statue Carving Chinese Bamboo Jade Mountain Afghan Natural Stone 20 Rabbit

10 Old China 100 Natural Du Shan Jade Stone Carving Pine Mountain Floor Statue - $2720.00

10 Old Statue Natural Du Carving Mountain Floor Jade Old Stone 100 China Pine Shan 10 Mountain Du 10 Stone Jade Floor Natural Old 100 Shan Carving Pine China Statue

23 China 100 Afghan Jade Hand-carving Fengshui Lotus Flower Fish Wealth Statue - $2720.00

23 China Afghan 23 Wealth Fengshui Flower Hand-carving China Jade Fish 100 Statue Lotus Wealth Lotus Fish Hand-carving Fengshui Flower China 23 100 Jade Afghan Statue

14 China Natural Jade Stone Carving Pine Tree Floor People Boy Mountain Statue - $2720.00

14 China Pine Floor Natural China Mountain 14 Tree Jade Carving Statue Boy Stone People People Floor Jade Boy China Tree Carving Pine Statue Mountain Natural Stone 14